Louis Vuitton Shoes Sneakers Unisex Cowhide TPU Sweatpants

Louis Vuitton Shoes Sneakers Unisex Cowhide TPU Sweatpants

40 two editions of the top version for couples šŸ‘«
Louis*Vuitto* LV Trainer sneakers
It took a month to develop private molds for the outsole and fabric
Three sets of molds for the uppers were scrapped
Perfectly adjusted to the original version and consistent results
A shoe that definitely cost a lot of money and thought
This series was designed after the arrival of Vifgil
It is favored by many fans every season
Different combinations The socks are more personalized
ā–«ļøPrivate model cowhide fabricāœ”ļøOriginal upper with customized buckleāœ”ļø
ā–«Original TPU outsole
ā–«ļøOriginal packaging
ā–«ļøCode number: Female 35-40 (40 41, custom-made, non-refundable)
Male 39-44 (39. 45, custom-made, non-refundable)
$170.00 $223.00
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