Louis Vuitton Shoes Sneakers Unisex Cowhide TPU Sweatpants

Louis Vuitton Shoes Sneakers Unisex Cowhide TPU Sweatpants

The top version for couples šŸ‘«
Louis*Vuitto* LV Trainer sneakers
It took a month to develop private molds for the outsole and fabric
Three sets of molds were scrapped for the upper
before it was perfectly adjusted The original version is consistent and effective
A shoe that definitely costs a lot of money and effort
This series was designed after the arrival of Vifgil
It is favored by many fans every season
Paired with different socks It shows more personality
ā–«ļøPrivate model cowhide fabricāœ”ļøOriginal custom-made upper with bucklesāœ”ļø
ā–«Original TPU outsole
ā–«ļøOriginal packaging
ā–«ļøCode number: Female 35-40 (40 41 customized Non-refundable)
Male 39-44 (39.45, custom-made, non-refundable)
$109.00 $147.00
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